Pulp is a space for artists and makers of all identities and artistic genres to show and share their work. both emerging and established, local and national artists will present their art in monthly exhibitions. we use art to express ourselves. and we have always used art as a way to connect - across divides of race, culture, gender, sexuality, class, language and belief. we are thankful to race street gallery, the canal gallery, gateway city arts and others who have been creating community for years in this amazing ‘paper city’.

Our Story

without mary-moore cathcart and the ‘claw foot tub’, there would be no pulp. in 2014, with no retail experience, mary-moore asked me to partner in the shop she founded in 2006 - ‘the claw foot tub’. a few years later we rebranded the shop ‘home & homme’. the shop focused on fair trade, ethically sourced items for the home, as well as art and vintage. within a few years we began organizing art shows, and experimenting with exhibiting art with objects. it seemed to work - but we needed more space to expand our work and vision. mary-moore, wanted to focus on developing a zero waste lifestyle shop, and i needed a larger space to exhibit art. thus was born ‘pulp’. and in our amherst location ‘kitchen & goods’!